Help!! I need some advice!

So today I like to talk about a touchy subject. It’s touchy because there’s really not a nice way to say it. So I’m going to just say it. Weight loss is hard and if you keep living the way your living and do nothing to change it then nothing will change. I see 10 to 15 clients a day regarding their weight loss goals, myself am on a weight loss journey as well. I am on a mission to be hundred pounds lighter by April 1 next year. With that being said I believe that I’m allowed to say what I’m going to say because I am living through these challenges as well. In recent weeks it is come to my attention that there are so many people who believe that they can return to their old habits after being on a diet and expect to keep the weight off. That is impossible!!! Ideal Protein is considered a treatment program with a healthy balanced maintenance program that will keep you at your goal weight. But what people don’t seem to understand is that you can go back to having pizza and beer three days a week or drinking a liter of milk with your breakfast, or eating white bread with every meal. My attitude is changed lately about what might life needs to look like in order to create a lasting positive change and I’m not sure how to communicate that to people.

What I have discovered about myself in the last few weeks is that I truly want to be healthy, I truly want to be thin, and I truly do not want to go back to eating processed food. I do not want to want McDonald’s, I do not want to eat white flour and dairy, and I want to be active every single day. I want this for my future. I want to be my best self.

So what I’ve been trying to communicate my clients is that they need to find their why. I believe of talked about the why before; the why is the only thing that will keep you from going to the drive-through, the why the only thing that’ll get you to write in your food Journal of the end of every night, and the why is the only reason that you will drink insane amount of water a day or get you off the couch. Finding your why is hard because for me at least, it is superhard to love myself enough to not damage my body. And that’s really how we have to look at “junk food” it is doing nothing good for our body, it is only damaging. Now I know that the Ideal Protein program is for everybody and that’s okay I won’t be offended. I actually just finished my nutritionist training as well so I have several tools in my belt to help people in many ways but what I have to get over is that some people do not want to put in the work to get healthy and I have to stop taking  that personally. But after all the researching, documentary watching, and time spent in class these last few weeks I know that this country needs change. I want to be part of that change, not only by changing myself but by helping others change. So world, I’m looking for advice, how do you communicate that weight loss, health, and living your best life doesn’t happen by accident. It happens by hard work, dedication and self-love. I welcome your comments I am looking for answers

Hungry for change

So last night I watched “Hungry for Change”for the second time. This is an amazing documentary about how we relate to food, how we are addicted to sugar just like it’s a drug, how to love yourself and what the next generation is can be dealing with as well. This documentary is extremely impactful in a highly recommend that if you can watch it you should. It is currently available on Canadian Netflix. So I wanted to be a few takeaways from this documentary:

1.We need to change our thinking.

You might ask about what? Well to begin with as a society we don’t eat nearly enough vegetables to provide our bodies with the proper nutrition that needs. I meet countless people who tell me again and again that they do not like vegetables. I was one scream back at them “if you don’t learn to like vegetables you are always going to be fat”, but I don’t because I always try to come from a place of love with my clients. This is one of the reasons that I write my blog, is a place that I can be more direct without hurting anybody’s feelings and still give them the information they need without feelings getting hurt. So my point is that most people only like sweet rooted vegetables or things like corn and peas. These are usually convenience foods and their what people eat the most, they don’t have a lot of preparation and work time is quick. The problem with these vegetables is that their high on the glycemic index which keeps your blood sugars from balancing as well as their high in carbs. Also if you don’t need a variety of foods your body can’t get the nutrients it needs. So what should you do about this, my recommendation is to try new things, not once but 3 to 4 times before you decide if you like them or not. Also try to prepare them different ways, usually you will find a way that your taste buds will like.

2. We need to change our attitude towards food

The thing is that broccoli is brocoli no matter which way you look at it. You have to accept things for what they are not what they are not. Broccoli is never going to taste like a chocolate bar to you but you know what is can a taste like? BROCCOLI!! And broccoli is good and it’s good for you and know it doesn’t taste as good as the Snickers you have in the back of the freezer but it’s the better choice. When trying a new food or new way of preparing food try not toto have any preconceived notions about what it should taste like. Approach the food was an open mind and remember just because you don’t like it the first time doesn’t mean you’re not like at the second time… Or the third… Or the fourth.

3. We need to change how we think about cheating

You need to change your thinking [and I say this to myself as well] from I want it but can’t have it, too I can have it but I don’t want it. It’s about changing the way we look at what food is good for us. Now I’m not saying that you can have popcorn at the movies ever again but everything in moderation. Get your weight loss done and then move into maintenance and that is when you can have the popcorn, in moderation of course. So let me say that again we need to change our thinking from: I want it but can’t have it to: I can have it but I don’t want it. It will feel like lying at first but soon it will be the truth, I promise.

4.We need to change how we live our lives

Now I know that’s a bold statement, but what I really mean by it is that we need to slow down. As a society things move faster than they ever have had think about hundred years ago, could you get on a flight and be halfway around the world the next day, no way. There was no email, geting the kids to activities after school, there typically wasn’t 2 working parents, there wasn’t the numerous social events and there wasn’t 60 hour corporate workweeks. My advice to you is to lower your stress level in any way that you can because obesity is becoming a solution for stress, being too busy, etc. Do you understand what I mean, it’s easier to be fat then it is to take care of ourselves. Wow that just hit me hard. Obesity is not the solution, we all know that obesity causes more stress in our life than it fixes, but our subconscious mind doesn’t know that. Think about it, we eat when were stressed, when we are bored, and not to mention when we are celebrating. So we are using food as a “cure” for our busyness and stress. Let’s change that and take our bodies and our minds and our spirits into our own hands, let’s start with just two hours a week of time for yourself. This should be time when you’re not rushing, you’re not eating, and a not doing anything else destructive to your body. This should be a time when you’re completely in your body and learning about yourself. Try it for a month and see how you feel, I bet you next month you want four hours a week, and then suddenly you’ll be able to fit an hour in every day.

5. Love yourself
This isn’t something that’s easy, but it can be done work at it every day by increasing your me time and putting the right foods in your body.

Much love,

Eating soup

The other day I was sitting in my office enjoying my lunch which consisted of Ideal Protein broccoli cheese soup, as I was eating I was staring down at the bowl and really trying to enjoy each bite of my soup. I have been making a habit of taking the time to eat whenever I can and really enjoying my food. I first look at the food, then smell the food, then I put in my mouth and really taste the food. I try to pick out each component, each flavor, and really enjoy all of it. As I was eating I realized that eating soup is just like weight loss; you slowly take one spoonful at a time and it feels like that it is going to take for ever to eat because you are eating it one small spoonful at a time, it feels like you looked in at the bowl and nothing’s changed; but then you notice the ring that the soup is left at the top your bowl, and you see where you have started and where you are now. Weight loss is the same way we get frustrated when we don’t have a good week and we only lose a half pound or a pound but the reality is the fat is coming off piece by piece, spoonful by spoonful [maybe that was bad imagery] and that is really all that matters. Every day that we are on her weight loss journey we are taking small steps towards the greater goal of being healthy, who cares if you only lose 1 pound a week, it’s still a pound and it needed to come off sometime! Quit being so hard on yourself, enjoy life, and don’t rely on the scale so much. And hey, check out those fat pants, I bet you they don’t fit the same or at all anymore! Have a beautiful day 🙂

The dog, the garbage can and the steak

So today I just wanted to talk about my dog. I have a three-year-old beagle named Izzy, and Izzy likes to get into a lot of trouble, usually it involves food and the garbage can. Now if you are dog owner I am sure that you don’t what I’m talking about, every time that we have steak my dog seems to have this sixth sense about it. She patiently waits for us all to finish eating and retreat to our after dinner activities and then she does everything in her power to get into the garbage. If I’m in my office working and I hear the garbage can rustle I know that I can go out and find her face deep in the garbage. I can go out and discipline her and five minutes later she is back in the garbage. So the only thing that I can do now to prevent this is to throw scraps in the garbage and put the garbage outside. Izzy will know that I put the garbage outside and she will sit by the back door in hopes that we will let her out in that she can break into the garbage out there. So when it is time for her to go out we to move the garbage the back of the house but we have to ensure that it is completely out of her reach so that there is no way that she can get.

Now you might be wondering, how does this relate to me in my weight loss? Well it correlates exactly with how I feel sometimes about food. Now really think about this, the reason that Izzy goes after the steak is because of instinct. She knows that she loves steak and she knows that she may not get for while so she does everything she can to get it. Still not relating to it? Think about the last time you started a diet or a weight loss program or healthy eating program, whatever you want to call it. What did you do the night before? I know what I do the night before… I go and buy everything that I think I’m going to crave in the next six months and I eat it all in one night and then I feel awful. I usually wake up the next morning and continue on eating all the crap that I’m not supposed to eat. Why is it that we do this? Well, it has to do with instinct. If you think you’re not going to be able to have something you just want more of it and you want it and want it and want it until you decide to change your mindset.

The new mindset that I’ve taken on is that I am able to have those things in moderation and when my body is healthy enough to handle them. I have also decided to take food and look at it for what it is and not for what it is not. For example when we think of broccoli you think that it’s a gross, healthy food it is even portrayed in the media that way. The bottom line is broccoli is broccoli and you shouldn’t expect a chocolate bar when you’re eating broccoli but it is broccoli and it is good in its own way. Another thing to think about is the nourishment is providing your body and what that nourishment can turn into. Your cells regenerate themselves constantly see you literally become what you eat which is why when you start eating healthy you start to feel better so much faster because your body is literally becoming what you put in your mouth.

Another point that I like to make about all this is the fact that we are addicted or at least I am addicted to sugar. New health studies are showing that people are addicted to food from a very young age. And the problem with that is that food is not only a socially acceptable addiction it’s often encouraged. Think about how we use food to celebrate or how we reward ourselves with food, or how your out with your friends and they encourage you to have a glass of wine or a bite of the desert. It is one of the biggest battles we fight every day but it can be one as long as you just take it one day at a time. Just as is the is addicted to the steak we all have our own food addictions to battle and we need to just start taking note of our reactions to food and start to correct them.

Give your food a break, and learn to love it for what it is not for what it is not. When trying a new vegetable or a new way of preparing the food try not to have any preconceived notions about it and taste it with an open mind and new taste buds. Work your food and it will work for you, love your body and it will love you.

Choose Your HARD! Why is is hard to be fat but easy to stay that way! Part 2

There are so many things that we go through as we are losing weight, as one of my mentors would say, every pound has a story. It is very important to deal with those stories as we are losing the weight or else when we get to our goal we will still not be satisfied in the weight will come back on. I would now like to talk about some reasons why subconsciously we may think that it’s easier to stay fat then to reach optimal health and be at our optimal weight.

Here, then, are some of the common reasons why staying fat can feel safe:


Maybe you’re shy. You may want attention, but when you get it you’re not so sure what to do with it. Being looked at or noticed can take some getting used to, and putting on extra weight may have felt like a quick fix to get people to stop looking at you. This kind of emotional eating could have been a decision you made a long time ago. If so, start exercising the muscle of letting people look at you. This can be hard at first, for many reasons and one reason that I’d like to talk about is that as you lose weight you will notice that people will look at you and treat you differently. Now, you may think that this unfair especially to those people who are still heavy, but you have to know that this is just the way that it is and yes it is a form of discrimination but it is happening all around us and people don’t even realize that they’re doing it. So as you lose weight notice the changes and accept them you do deserve it! I am in no way saying that this is right but it is a fact that it happens and you need to know that it is okay.


Maybe you were hurt by someone you trusted, or perhaps even by a stranger. Understandably, you may never want to be hurt in that same way again. Making ourselves less attractive can feel like a way to protect against predators. This kind of emotional eating, however, is a false sense of safety; it doesn’t take the place of avoiding unsafe situations, healing an old wound or creating boundaries. In fact being fat is one of the most unsafe things that is not talked about. Bottom line is that obesity is very dangerous for many reasons. And it’s not just the common health reasons that you think about such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, higher risk of heart attack etc. it is even things like slipping and falling, or walking around with an extra 50 pounds on you. What is that doing to your joints? All of these little things that we don’t think about that are extra fat is doing, it is not protecting you it is hurting you.


In the Sex and the City movie, Samantha puts on extra weight because she’s afraid she’ll cheat on her partner. In this case, fat might feel like it protects you from your own adulterous urges by making you less attractive to prospective mates. This kind of emotional eating can take the place of admitting you’re unhappy in your current relationship or from knowing how to honor your commitments-but it’s not a real solution to a real problem. Another way that this can occur is after you get married. A lot of people call it “letting themselves go”. I don’t believe this to be true I believe that it is actually “allowing yourself to breathe”. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that you shouldn’t keep up yourself after you get married, I absolutely believe that you should be the best for yourself and your spouse. But what happens is when were in the dating world we strive to look our best all the time as were trying to obtain a new mate, when the deal is sealed in marriage sometimes it’s a huge relief to get out of the dating game trap and cycle. This is no excuse though that does not keep you faithful people of all shapes and sizes remain faithful or do not and has nothing to do with it so keep your weight off and be your best self for your spouse. Your sex life will thank you for it!


When you’re overweight, there are certain games you might feel less eligible to play. If you’re afraid to take risks in your career, in your friendships or in your romantic life, you might be emotional eating and maintaining extra weight to have a good excuse for not making yourself vulnerable. But think about this, how many things are you missing out on because of your fat. I know for myself personally I I disqualify myself from many things because of my weight. They are things like going rockclimbing with my friends, attending certain social events, or skydiving. I can’t include myself in these things for risk of embarrassment or I simply can’t do them because of my weight. Think about all the things you may be missing because you’re overweight. Are you missing weddings, a night out with the girls, are you missing playing with your kids or your grandkids, are you missing doing activities with your friends or family. Now please do not go to the extreme and think that I’m talking about death which definitely is something that could happen from obesity but that that would am talking about right now. I am talking about how being overweight can prevent you from doing so much in your life and I’m not talking about the way that you look I’m talking about the way that your body works and how you feel.

The bottom line is being fat is hard and so is getting healthy and thin. So choose which heart is best for you. I know personally that seven weeks in my weight loss journey I am feeling fantastic and I am so excited to discover how much better I can feel!

Love yourself enough to make the right decisions and get healthy! Your body mind and soul and everything that comes with that will thank you and you will do things they never thought possible!

That’s all for now I hope this helps, have a fantastic day!

Choose Your HARD! Why is is hard to be fat but easy to stay that way! Part 1

Very often I hear from people that it is “so hard” to stay on the program or it is “so hard” to eat well and exercise. Or how it is so hard to go grocery shopping twice a week for fresh veggies or it is so hard to take vitamins or it is so hard to drink 2 liters of water per day. Yes, all this is true, all this stuff is hard but isn’t is harder to stay fat?

Don’t be quick to say NO! I want you to really think about how your daily life is affected by your weight and your health.

Can you wear the cloths you want to wear?

Can you participate in all the activities you want to participate in?

Are you crabby all the time?

Do you have the energy to play with your kids after work?

How is your sex life? Better yet, how is your spouses sex life?

Can you breath when you walk up the stairs?

Is it uncomfortable to tie your shoes?

Can you fully participate in everything that is life has to offer?

And are allowing your best self to shine though?

Do you love yourself?

Now get honest with yourself because I did and I feel much better. And the reason that I feel better is because yes I am still fat but I am taking steps every single day to reverse that as well as creating true health in my life. I am choosing to love myself enough to create health in my life.

Now picture yourself one year from now, in the body(when I say body I do not just mean physical) you have always imagined and feel the feeling of all of your HARD work paying off. How does that feel?

For me, it feels like, shopping at any store in the mall, wearing high heels everyday, having 20 pairs of knee high boots, playing tag with my nephew, going rock climbing with my friends and having energy so that I can be my best self for my husband and those I love and give them the love and attention that they deserve.

What does your body a year from now feel like? The choice in yours!

I am tired of being fat and I choose my hard to be losing weight and getting healthy! Isn’t that much better then choosing the other…

Part 2 tomorrow, why it is easy to stay fat….

The “cost” of eating well

Some people may think that eating well or doing a “diet” program is expensive. But the first question I pose to you is: What is your life worth to you?

Now the only reason I feel good about asking you this is because I have to ask myself the question almost everyday. For example today when I spent $20 on lunch because I was too lazy to pack one this morning so I had to go buy some quick ready made healthy choices from the grocery store. Now the reason my lunch was so expensive was becasuse I took all my dishes home from work to run them through the dishwasher ( I am not good at washing dishes) so I had to improvise, I am currently eating a salad out of a bag that cost me $5. I also bought some pre cooked steak strips to put on top and I bought a veggie tray… In all fairness this is my own fault because if I did it all myself I could have done it for a lot less

But the point that I am making is that it would have been much easier and cheaper to go through the drive through at Tim Hortons right across the street. But I made a desicion and it was a good one, I bundled myself up and drove to superstore and made a healthy choice!

Was it worth it? Absolutly! Now back to my point, a lot of times when people quit the Ideal Protein program they say it is due to finances! Well I call fooie on that!

Now I am not saying this because it is what I do for a living but I need you to understand what you get with the Ideal Protein program. You get 15-20 grams of high biological, highly absorbable protein complete with all of your essentail amino acids for… wait for it… $4/serving!

Now if you are buying that much protein for less then $4/serving it is probably not your best source of protein.

And then there is all the “extra ” stuff you do when you are not on “plan” : drive thru, extra coffee(because you are tired because you don’t eat well), wine, beer, cheese, milk, ice cream, the stop at 7/11 on the way home.

Pop, bread, peanut butter, and the list goes on and on! If you do this program properly it only costs you $12 for Ideal Protein Food, $3-$4 day for veggies and lettuce, and $4/day for 8oz on meat so you are looking at feeding yourself for $20/day. This would cost you about the same if you were buying everything from the grocery store and nothing from me. That is not an unreasonable price to eat well.

And my biggest question is if you don’t do it, what is it going to cost you later? Graduations, weddings, nights out with the girls, growing old with your spouse, travel. Now many of you may be thinking that it is a little extreme for me to say that death can be caused by keeping weight on, but that is not even what I am saying… lets take in down one notch.

Let’s talk about how fun it is to go on vacation FAT! Now I mean any vacation not even just a beach one… think about it, you have no energy and you don’t like the way you look so it is harder to enjoy yourself. And don’t even get me started on energy level! Last time I went to Mexico I was at my FATTEST! It was a nice vacation but we were back in the room by 8pm every night laying in bed eating snacks and drinking!! That is NOT fun! That is wasting half of your vacation time being tired and lazy to be quite frank. Let’s talk about going out with the girls… I have not gone dancing with the girls for 3 years, guess why? Because that was the last time that I thought anyone would want to see me busting a move… Do you get what I am saying!? Being overweight isn’t only detrimental to your health it is holding you back from really living your life. So if you really want to meet your goal this time, cut the extra’s out of your life and make a decision that your #1 priority is making sure that you can afford to put the right things in your mouth. Let’s face it!! You can! Make some choices today for a better you tomorrow!! Your future self will thank you! Mine does everyday that I take a step in the right direction!

The Ideal Protein weight loss method may not be the method for you and I am not saying that it is right for everyone I am just trying to say “Hey! Put good stuff in your body!!!” I don’t care what it is!” Ideal Protein is the only thing that has ever worked for me! I hope you find what works for you!

Have a great evening,

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One of the society’s contributions to our large waist lines!

Hey! I just wanted to do another post that is somewhat related to our dinner to Chilli’s the other night. So my wonderful husband had this epiphany and I wanted to share it with you, our conversation went like this :

James: Oh so that is what my problem is(as he looks down at the tiny portion of veggies he was given in place of his fries)

Trista: What do you mean?

James: Well look at the size of the fries portion verses the portion of vegetables I was given to “replace” them

Trista: That is ridiculous!

Now refer to the picture below and look at the difference, isn’t that crazy?


Look how much bigger the serving of fries is compared to the veggies! are we being punished because we eat well!? Its no wonder why our waists are getting bigger and disease is running rampant. Now do not get me wrong, I am definetly not blaming anyone for my fatness but what I would like to say is: Hello? That is ridiculous and it sure doesn’t help!!! For people that are not educated on proper portions this is a nightmare. Think about it, if we were given portions of fries that were the same size as the vegetable portions we might not be as fat! And really, that goes for any resturant really Think about the ALL YOU CAN EAT and all the places that give you unlimited bread before you eat and unlimted soft drinks and the list goes on. And don’t even get me started on the fact that you have to pay more for healthy options! a Salad at Wendy’s with a water- $11.00, $2.00 extra a subway to make it a salad! I always pay it though because I love myself enough to make it a priority! You are what you eat! Make sure you are putting good in! 

In closing I would just like to say that we can definetly not blame the food industry for all of our weight problems because we all have a brain in our heads and the ability to make choices but I must also say that I do not think that they are very helpful. So please always do you own research, check the menu before you go and do not be afraid to ask for what you need!

Holding your own while dining out!

My husband and I dine out about once per week and it is usually a pretty easy thing to do on program for us because I love steak and it is waaaay to cold to BBQ right now so I usually have a steak and veggies and a side salad. We went to Chilli’s on Friday for supper and it was really busy but we sat in the lounge and ordered right away(I was starving so we had to try to make it quick). I felt like the waiter was not really listening to me but I gave him the benefit of the doubt and we waited for our meal. The salad came out fine and then about 15 minutes later out food came and it came with coleslaw and fries. Before the expediter even put it on the table I told him it was wrong. I felt bad for the guy because he wasn’t our waiter and I was a little snippy (yes snippy, I was in hypoglycemia and I was hungry and grumpy). I told him we ordered veggies not fries and it needed to be fixed! He came back about 2 minutes later and asked if we could just have the plate as they were and he would bring out veggies. I decided I had already been “mean” enough so I let him leave the plates with the fries and coleslaw. Now, the only reason that I did this was because me and my husband were there to support each other, if we were both not on plan I probably would have made him take them off the plate but we decided that our willpower was being tested and we could handle it! So a few minutes later out veggies came out and everything was fine.

My point to all of this is that if you are going to have someone else be in control of what you are eating you need to be able to tell them exactly what you need. Being successful on any diet program involves willpower and part of that is being able to ask for what you want and need and to be willing to send it back if its wrong. If you can’t do that then I do not recommend attempting to eat out 🙂


I have been very busy these last couple weeks and have not had a chance to blog, for that I apologize! But I am back and I wanted to update you on my progress! I have lost 17lbs since the last time we talked and I am feeling fantastic! The scale didn’t move last week and I was discouraged but then I got my monthly friend, which explained it all! Its funny because I tell my dieters all the time how water retention during that time of the month or for other reasons can be why the scale hasn’t moved but it is really tough when it happens to you. When your monthly friend visits a number of things can happen including bloating and constipation. These 2 things can cause the scale to not move or even go up and it can be quite frustrating, but just know that the next week you will have a much bigger loss! My recommendation is that everyone finds another weigh to measure their success.

Some good examples of this are body fat percentage, measurements and how your clothing is fitting. My clothing is all bagging off of me and I am wearing some tops that I hasn’t wore for months! That in itself is a great success for me!! The stress of the scale not moving itself can cause it not to move even more due to cortisol(stress hormone) production. So please do not be hard on yourself, if you are following your plan the plan is working!!! Find your success somewhere other then the scale! Your well being will thank you!